Remote Mixing and Mastering

Closure by You and Me in Reverie
You and Me in Reverie

Mix / Master / Engineer

Vaya Con Dios by Along With Ghosts
Along With Ghosts
Vaya Con Dios

Mix / Master / Engineer

The Land of Fear and Shame by Ashleys
The Land of Fear and Shame

Mix / Master / Enigineer

Mirage by Heavy Seas
Heavy Seas

Mix / Master / Engineer

1987 by DFO

Mix / Master / Engineer

Daybreak by Amnesty

Mix / Master / Engineer

The Sky Inside by The Playdates
The Playdates
The Sky Inside

Mix* / Master* / Engineer*

Ice Disease

Mix / Master / Engineer

Are you feeling Lucky? By lionsault
Are You Feeling Lucky?

Mix / Master / Engineer

About Undertone

An undertone is a term used in music and art that describes a quality that is present, but not obvious. This could be an underlying tone in a musical composition, or a colour that you can’t quite put your finger on. You will find this in action countless times per day in our studio. We are masters of the small details - of the tweaks and quirks that give so much character to any project. Our portfolio above will show you that any album recorded at Undertone has a unique polish. This doesn't mean your song will be get torn apart and overproduced, but it does mean that it will be the best it can be. The sound that comes with recording at Undertone is the product of hours of hard work. We've spent many late nights testing hundreds of settings, pieces of hardware, and software. It's because of this that we're confident we can make something beautiful together.

Adam Dincorn opened Undertone during the winter of 2009, in Saint John, New Brunswick. Since the age of five, Adam has surrounded himself with music. His career in audio began with piano, later evolved into home recording. Undertone has given Adam the privilege of working with artists from all over the world. His recordings have received critical acclaim, as well as various award nominations. He's produced albums alongside notable persons, such as Greig Nori. When faced with a challenge, Adam has always come out on top. In his time with Undertone, he's saved multi-thousand dollar recordings from corrupt software. He's written, produced and recorded two singles in 36 hours to give a friend a shot at his dream. Reliability is Adam’s strong point, and is a cornerstone of his reputation. Adam is the undertone that ties together every album that is put in his care.





$160 per song

Track clean-up

+ $40 per song

A track clean-up is recommended if your tracks require extensive timing correction, vocal corrections, or any other edit that would normally be handled during recording.

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$15 per minute of audio

Vinyl Mastering

+ $50 per album less than 20 minutes

+ $100 per album more than 20 minutes

Contact us about mastering

Just a heads up - we require a 50% deposit prior to starting any project.

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If you've made it this far in search of the secret to our quality, we're sorry to say you won't find the answer. We don't use any exotic microphones, fancy preamps, or rare vintage compressors. We believe that any artist can reach their greatest potential without any special gear. Quality comes from experience and intuition - which is why you're here. That said, we make sure that what we do use is high caliber. We mix and master through software. This offers our clients the largest flexibility available, while minimizing quality draining digital-to-analog conversions. Some tools that we love come from companies such as Fabfilter, PSP Audioware, and Native Instruments. Yet, these are just means to an end. Our portfolio is at the top of this page, there you can listen and judge our quality for yourself.

If this sounds like what you've come here for, lets get to work! Contact us through the form below or email us here